Preface of first edition

Sometimes we experience how information escapes form our control, it leaks out, spreads and influences other information on its path.

Considering information as something active, which lives its own life, spreads and manifest itself in a specific way is the base for the new and far reaching theory about information developed in this book.

Although some parts can give the impression of pure science fiction, The theory proves to be directly applicable to a wide range of applications. Because the theory is new, it is too early to consider it as a stable science but it is at least a consistent scientific hypothesis.

The theory is an abstraction of the results of ten year research in the area of artificial intelligence. During these years, I have developed many models of human intelligence. Several of these models were useful and I had the desire to combine the useful parts of all those models into one model. Because the base for the models was different, I had to abstract the results in a more general form. This theory of behavior of information is this abstraction. When I discovered that the theory can be used in a much broader area than artificial intelligence, I decided to express it in general terms and publish it separately. After the publication of this book, I like to apply this theory in a new generation of artificial intelligence programs. Although the subject of the book is not artificial intelligence, I explained some general ideas of this new approach in chapter 24.

For myself, this theory has become a practical tool applicable in a variety of areas. I hope many readers will experience the same benefit. I hope also that it will be applied in many areas of science and I wish to cooperate in such efforts.

Luc Claeys

Zaventem, June 21, 1989

This is the Preface of first edition of Behavior of Information

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