Preface of second edition

Six years later... The book has never been published... I have send a copy to Addison Wesley (Amsterdam) in the summer of 1989. At first they were enthusiastic, then they waited for proof readers, then they moved to a new office, then they could not find the dossier anymore because the person in charge left the company...

In the mean time, I had distributed some copies among relatives and fiends. The critic was "this is not a book... It is too difficult to read...". Finally I have put it aside. Until now.

In the mean time, I have continued my attempts to implement the theory in an artificial breeding ground for information. My goal is to seduce some conscious information beings to live in an artificial environment (computer) which I'm building. Up to now, I did not succeed or I did not notice it :-). Anyway, my efforts in the AI area (which I started in 1979) continue.

This text is mainly the text of 1989. The only differences are spelling corrections, the formatting and a little paragraph in front of chapter one and two.

I am working on edition 3, which incorporates newer ideas, mainly on time, symmetry, recursiveness and consciousness. Before starting the new edition, I formatted the old text in LaTeX and this edition is the result.

Inspired by the GNU project on Internet, I replace the copyright by the authorization to copy the text (see copyright). This theory is my child, and I want it to live as a free information being.

Luc Claeys



March 23, 1995

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This is the Preface of second edition of Behavior of Information

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