NXP LPC17xx and LPC23xx pin Configurator

A set of dynamic web pages facilitate the pin configuration of the NXP LPC17xx and LPC23xx microcontrollers.

The NXP LPC17xx and LPC23xx microcontrollers have many pins with more than one possible function. The actual function is configured by setting pin-selection-registers: pinsel0..9. Some of the available functions can be configured to be available on different pins. When making a design for such microcontroller, the engineer has to consider which functions are required, what are the possible routing of these functions to the pins, and what other functions are affected by these choices.

The Pin Configuration pages are designed to help with this selection. For each processor type there is a dynamic html page with tables for pins, functions and pinsel registers. In the table of the pins, there are radio buttons for the function of each pin, with highlighting of the selected function. The effect of a pin selection is immediately visible in the table of the functions, and in the displayed pinsel registers.

After making some selections, it is possible to save your design as an url-encoded link to the page, so that you can exchange your work, or save it for later use.

These pages are new, and experimental. So, please verify carefully the results. I added some disclaimers to emphasize that you should not hold me responsible for any damage which may have been caused by an error in these pages. However, if there is something wrong with one of these pages, or if you have any suggestions for improvement, please send a mail to lcl at this site.